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Unlock the Code: 20 Fun Spots to Share Your Discount Magic!

Kittens, the time has come to unveil the secret to expanding your empire and sharing the magic of Naughty Kitten discounts! Your unique codes hold the power to attract new followers, create sales, and boost your Naughty Kitten journey to the next level.

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 Unlock your earning potential! Discover 20 places to share your discount code.

Get ready to rock your Kitten sales game with these 20 fantastic places to showcase your exclusive discount code:

 1. Social Media Posts: Share your unique code directly within your social media posts on a variety of platforms: From Facebook, to Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and wherever you have a social presence. Create compelling content that showcases your Naughty Kitten style, and encourage your followers to use the code to get a fantastic deal on your recommended products.

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Turn heads with your unique style and your exclusive discount code

2. Reels: Make your discount code a star in your Reels! Craft short, engaging videos that not only feature your chosen products but also emphasise how your followers can grab those items at an amazing discount. 

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 Ready for a reel deal? 📹 Show off your style and your secret discount code in captivating videos that'll leave your followers wanting more!

 3. Stories: Keep the buzz alive by frequently sharing your code in your Stories. Since Stories are temporary, you can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity for your code, encouraging your followers to act fast.

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Share your unique discount code in your Stories to keep your followers excited and ready to pounce. Hurry, it won't last forever!

 4. Direct Messages: Send personalised direct messages to your most engaged followers, offering them the privilege of using your exclusive code. This one-on-one approach can lead to high conversion rates.


Slide into your followers' DMs with a VIP invitation!

5. Email Lists: If you've been collecting email addresses, it's time to use them wisely. Send out newsletters that include your discount code. Make it enticing by adding a limited-time offer to boost sales. 


Light up inboxes and boost sales with your exclusive discount code and irresistible limited-time deals!

6. Social Media Groups: Share your code in the social media groups you're part of, but be sure to respect group rules and guidelines. Engage with fellow members and create curiosity around your code.

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Unite with social media groups – spark curiosity with your exclusive code!

7. Friends and Family: Don't forget your inner circle! Share your discount code with friends and family, making it easy for them to support your Naughty Kitten journey.

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 Spread the Kitten love!  Share your discount code with friends and family, and let them join in on the style and magic.

8. Blogs: Collaborate with bloggers in the fashion or lifestyle niche. Guest post on their blogs, or ask them to include your code in their content. It's a win-win as you both get exposure. 

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Blogger love, and Kitten style – share your code for double the fun!

9. Podcasts: Whenever you're interviewed on podcasts, be sure to mention your exclusive code. Podcast listeners often love exclusive offers.


Tune in and spread your charm through exciting podcasts!

10. Webinars: While conducting webinars or online presentations, use your code as an extra incentive to encourage participation and purchases.


Elevate your brand and offer exclusivity in thrilling webinars!

11. Events: If you're attending networking events or conferences, make sure to mention your discount code. You never know who might be interested in your Naughty Kitten products. This includes modelling shoots, car shows, music events and any promotional appearances you may be part of!


Networking Events to Shine! Share your exclusive code at any event and stand out with Naughty Kitten products!

12. QR Code Promotion: Generate a QR code linked to your discount, making it simple for potential buyers to scan and access exclusive savings. Share this QR code on social media, business cards, or marketing materials to reach a wider audience and boost sales seamlessly!

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Unlock deals with a single scan! Utilize your unique QR code to share special discounts and boost sales effortlessly.

13. YouTube: Include your code in the descriptions of your YouTube videos, giving your viewers an extra reason to check it out. 


 You can even drop your exclusive discount code in your YouTube video descriptions. Let's take over the screen, Kittens!

14. Affiliate Marketing: Utilise your code in affiliate marketing programs. This way, you can earn commissions for every sale generated through your code.


 Promote with your code in affiliate marketing programs and earn commissions for every sale. Let your influence pave the way to success!

15. Local Businesses: Partner with local businesses, especially those related to fashion or lifestyle, and propose mutually beneficial promotions/photoshoots that involve your code.


Unlock local opportunities by partnering with nearby businesses!

16. Forums: Engage in online communities or forums relevant to your niche and include your code in your forum signature or posts when appropriate.


Connect, engage, and share your magic in vibrant online forums!

 17. Influencer Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers who can give your code a shout-out, highlighting the fantastic deals their followers can get through your partnership.

Vlog_02_generated.jpgMaximise sales potential by teaming up with influencers to share your exclusive discount code across their engaged audience

18. Marketing Collateral: Include your code in flyers, posters, or any promotional materials you use in your offline marketing efforts.


Amplify your offline marketing strategy by embedding your exclusive discount code in your promotional materials.
19. Pop-Up Shops: If you host or participate in physical retail events like pop-up shops, display your code prominently to attract attendees and provide exclusive discounts.


Showcase your exclusive code at pop-up shops to draw in attendees, provide irresistible discounts, and boost Naughty Kitten sales!

20. Exclusive Giveaways: Host giveaways and contests where your followers can use your code to enter or win. This strategy creates excitement and engagement.

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 Host giveaways and contests where your followers can use your code to enter or win. This strategy creates excitement and engagement. 

Remember, the key is creativity and consistency. The more fun you make it, the more enticing it becomes for your followers. Your Naughty Kitten empire is ready to grow, one code at a time! 🚀🐾✨

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Kittens, you've got the power to make it happen!
From social media stardom to tight-knit family circles, the possibilities are endless. Remember, the Naughty Kitten community is here to support your journey every step of the way. Now, go out there and unleash your inner Kitten magic!
Get ready to make an impact, spread the Naughty Kitten love, and let the world know that we're here to slay together! 🐾💃💰
With love and fierceness,
Melanie Gravener, Naughty Kitten CEO 
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