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Legal Obligations and Responsibilities when Joining The Kittens!

Congratulations on Joining the Esteemed

 Naughty Kittens! 

By becoming a Kitten Ambassador, you are entering into a partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to excellence.


As a valued ambassador, it's essential to understand the legal obligations and responsibilities that come with representing our brand.We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of professionalism and brand reputation, and we rely on The Kittens to uphold these values. Here are the key legal obligations you'll be required to adhere to as a Naughty Kitten Kitten Ambassador: 

    1. Use of Logo and Brand Assets: As a Kitten Ambassador, you'll have the privilege of using our logo and brand assets to promote Naughty Kitten Clothing. However, it's vital to use these assets strictly in accordance with our guidelines (Section 21). You must seek permission and follow our instructions for logo usage, ensuring it is always presented accurately and in a manner that aligns with our brand identity. Unauthorized modification or misuse of our logo and assets is strictly prohibited.
    2. Content Post Requirements: To maintain your active status as a Kitten Ambassador, you'll be expected to meet specific content posting requirements. These requirements typically include a minimum number of monthly posts and reels that showcase Naughty Kitten Clothing products or promote our brand. For instance, you may be required to make at least four posts and two reels per month. Consistency in content creation and meeting these requirements will help you maintain your status as a Kitten and continue to enjoy the associated benefits.
    3. Maintaining Brand Reputation: As a Kitten Ambassador, you play a crucial role in representing Naughty Kitten Clothing and upholding our brand reputation. It's essential to conduct yourself professionally both online and offline, ensuring that your behavior aligns with our brand values. Avoid engaging in any activities or promoting any content that could potentially harm our brand image or reputation. We expect our ambassadors to be respectful, inclusive, and responsible in all interactions and content creation associated with Naughty Kitten Clothing.
    4. Compliance with Legal Requirements: As an ambassador, you must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines related to your role. This includes but is not limited to adhering to intellectual property laws, ensuring you have the necessary rights and permissions for the content you create, and respecting the privacy rights of individuals. You should also comply with any disclosure requirements for sponsored or paid content, clearly indicating when posts are promotional in nature. Check Out our Terms and Conditions for some helpful information.
    5. Additional Obligations: Depending on the specific terms and conditions of the Naughty Kitten Ambassador Program, there may be additional obligations you need to adhere to. These could include participating in brand training sessions, attending events or photo shoots, collaborating with other ambassadors, or providing feedback and insights on product development and marketing strategies. It's important to review and understand all the program guidelines and obligations to fulfill your role effectively.
    6. Stay Informed: As we are an active community of influencers/ambassadors, Naughty Kitten Clothing will keep you up-to-date with everything happening for The Kittens and the Naughty Kitten Clothing Company. Make sure you regularly check out the Kitten Chronicles, a news and information hub for The Kittens and our Kitten Community!. You will find all the latest developments, events, and informative articles on all things Kitten related, and much more..

We believe in your potential to represent our brand with distinction and professionalism. Please familiarize yourself with the program guidelines, adhere to the legal obligations mentioned above, and always reach out to our team if you have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of your role as a Naughty Kitten Kitten Ambassador.

Note: The specific legal obligations and requirements may vary depending on the Terms and Conditions of the Naughty Kitten Kitten Ambassador Program. Ambassadors will receive detailed guidelines and instructions directly from the Naughty Kitten Clothing team.

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