Introducing our latest addition to the Naughty Kitten Team! - Naughty Kitten Clothing

Introducing our latest addition to the Naughty Kitten Team!

Hailing from the breathtaking NSW Central Coast of Australia, Fran is an absolute VIP Kitten, ready to set the fashion world ablaze.

With her infectious enthusiasm and magnetic personality, Fran is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she embrace her roots with an unwavering love for her hometown, but she also possess an incredible passion for animals, making her the perfect fit for the Naughty Kitten squad.

Fran is thrilled to embark on her Kitten journey, eager to share her creativity and vibrant energy with all our amazing customers. Her dedication to creating enticing and fun content is unmatched, and she's determined to take your Naughty Kitten experience to exhilarating new heights.

Naughty Kitten Clothing Ambassador The Kittens Fran Facebook Picture

Be sure to check out Fran's profile on our website regularly, where she'll be showcasing the creative content she shares exclusively for Naughty Kitten. From fun corset photoshoots to exciting costume transformations, Fran promises to captivate you with our Naughty Kitten Clothing products and individual style and personality.

And that's not all! Follow Fran on all her social media platforms below, to help her grow her following and sales, and see behind-the-scenes content and more. 

Jump onto her Instagram, Facebook. You won't want to miss a single bit of the Naughty Kitten Clothing Ambassador news and updates.

Welcome to the Naughty Kitten family, Fran. Let the magic begin!

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